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At Burlington Row, we adopt a holistic approach to career advancement. As a premier UK training provider, we equip you with comprehensive training and connect you to prime job placements. This gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make a stellar start in your career. We simplify the industry complexities for you. Our flexible payment plans are tailored to meet your needs—across all our courses, offering options to Buy Now and Pay Later.

Keep yourself at the forefront of your field by staying updated with the latest trends and insights through leading Industry Publications and News Sources. Our dedicated team at Burlington Row is committed to supporting your career aspirations and helping you distinguish yourself in a competitive job market.


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Industry-specific experts are ready to assist you on demand.

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Upon completing your training course, you will be assigned to a work placement.

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Start your training programme & spread the cost with manageable instalments.

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Acquire Practical Experience and Enhance Your Skills with Our UK-Based Training Programmes in Law, Accounting, and HR

At Burlington Row, we are a dedicated UK training company committed to delivering high-quality training and providing steadfast support throughout your subsequent job placements. We cater to a broad spectrum of skill levels, connecting candidates to promising careers in sectors like business, accountancy, law, education, facilities management, human resources, digital marketing, and web design. Under our expert guidance, entry-level candidates refine their skills and evolve into industry professionals with standout CVs.

Our comprehensive career solution offers both top-notch training and valuable work experience, making it an ideal choice for students or professionals eager to take control of their careers. Our services are equally popular among companies looking to enhance their staff’s training.

In today’s intensely competitive job market, where job openings are scarce but university graduates abound, employers are valuing practical skills over academic achievements alone. According to the Office for National Statistics, the demand for skilled professionals is on the rise across various sectors.

At Burlington Row, we excel in helping our candidates distinguish themselves. Our practical training programmes not only supplement your academic background but also equip you with the skills to impress potential employers and excel in your role.

So, why wait? Start shaping your future with us today.

UK-Based Job Placement Programmes

As a leading UK training company, we recognise the increasing value employers place on internship experience. To better prepare our clients for the job market, our team of employment experts at Burlington Row has developed unique Practical Training Programmes.

These programmes are thoughtfully designed to foster individual career development and support personal growth in a highly personalised manner. We accomplish this through custom-tailored mentorships, leading industry training, and crucial job placements that facilitate your first steps into the industry.

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What are the benefits of a job placement?

Is insufficient work experience hindering your career progression?

Practical training programmes offer numerous advantages to our candidates. These premier programmes are crafted to enhance candidates’ skills, foster their abilities, and provide them with real-world industry insights. The hands-on experience gained through these programs is highly valued by employers, making it an ideal approach to distinguish yourself in the competitive job market.

"Perfect for beginners like myself, I lacked practical experience in accounting, but through this program, I've gained invaluable knowledge and now feel prepared to pursue my dream career in accounting. Thank you for this opportunity! I highly recommend it."
Accounting Practical Programme
"Hands down the best legal training provider! I was initially hesitant about online learning, but this course provided everything I needed to begin, and the placement experience was exceptional! Thank you."
Legal Practical Programme
"I received outstanding service from Burlington Row, they not only met but exceeded my expectations. Thanks to their support, I was able to reinforce concepts that I struggled with during my university studies. Thank you for your unwavering support."
Accounting Practical Programme

Partnerships With Burlington Row

Our partners are among the most esteemed companies in the industry. They collaborate with us to ensure the delivery of top-quality services.